VITAKOST is a complete program for calculating diet and nutrition for professionals. The program is online, so you do not have to install it, and the latest updates are readily available.

Our customers include, amongst others:

  • Dieticians
  • Hospitals
  • Nutritionists
  • Researchers
  • Doctors
  • Personal trainers
  • Elite athletes


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The program primarily consists of two main modules: Diet plans and Recipes.

The advanced system make it easy to work with nutritional calculations. We have, amongst other innovative aspects, produced a template system, called meal bricks, so meals can easily be reused in the diet plan. We have also developed an advanced system for food product databases which, with 100% precision, shows the source information for all food products in our system.

  • Diet plans
  • Decide for yourself the distribution and naming of meals.
  • Give every meal its own colour and title.
  • Pin a note to every meal.
  • Create several identical meals and select the others as alternatives marked in italics, so they are easy to distinguish from the primary meals and do not count in the calculation of the nutritional content of the diet plan.
  • When you enter food products you can calculate directly into the entry box (e.g. 42 + 37 g).
  • ... and you can input the amount directly, so you do not have to find it on a list (e.g. 1 tablespoon automatically chooses 'tbsp.' as the amount).
  • You decide the order of the meals and the food products in them for yourself, so the primary food products in a meal are placed at the top, irrespective of the order in which you entered them.
  • Recipes
  • On-screen designs, which automatically produce a professional layout for your recipe.
  • Separate sections for each individual element of your recipe (e.g. pita bread, filling, and dressing), so you can easily see the nutritional calculation for every element.
  • You can specify preparation losses for every element separately.
  • You get the same layout in print as you do on-screen.
  • Recipes have the same high degree of detail for nutritional value as they do in the diet plans.
  • Food products
  • More than 100,000 food products from nine countries (see the list of food product databases).
  • Intelligent and prompt search algorithms, which take different spelling conventions into account.
  • Unique linking of consumer food products, which expands the number of nutritional values (e.g. Heinz Tomato Ketchup is linked to a tomato ketchup from a food composition database, which supplements Heinz Tomato Ketchup with extra nutritional information).
  • Create your own food product, with the same possibilities for linking as our own.
  • The system automatically establishes if a food product has been discontinued, suggesting a potential replacement.
  • Sources and traceability
  • Food products are specified with their original source, so you always have 100% complete source information.
  • Other users' food products will also appear with their name as a source.
  • You can configure a unique icon / label for every single food product database, so that you can easily see the differences between food products from the various databases.
  • Information on whether a food product has more than one variant, which particularly applies to producer-specific food products.
  • Meal bricks
  • A meal brick is a template for a meal complete with a title, a colour and food products.
  • Add a meal brick to a diet plan to quickly create a new diet plan.
  • You can create meal bricks from existing meals, quickly devising a new collection.
  • Nutritional values
  • 275 nutritional values (see the complete list).
  • Unique display of the complete data available for calculating the nutritional content in diet plans and recipes.
  • Choose which nutritional values you will see and gradually change them as and when you require.
  • Choose between kilojoules and calories as the unit of energy, changing between them with one click.
  • ... and the same with energy needs formulae - we support everything from Harris Benedict to Henry.
  • Calculation of the recommended daily intake in relation to the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations Standard profiles.
  • See nutritional content in detail, right down to every individual food product, with visual indicators for distribution.
  • Sorts through all food product lists by their nutritional values, e.g. if you wish to instantly see which food product contributes the most dietary fibre in a diet plan.
  • Change between simple and expanded nutritional content display with a single click.
  • Tools
  • Compare diet plans, meal bricks and food products.
  • Calculate diet plan averages, e.g. if you wish to calculate a weekly average.
  • Calculate the average of several food products and create a new food product based on your calculations, e.g. if you wish to make an average food product for lean cold cuts.
  • Search for food products based on specific nutritional content, e.g. all food products with at least 2 g of protein per 100 g.
  • Share diet plans, meal bricks, recipes and food products via email with other VITAKOST users.
  • Print diet plans and recipes and export them to PDF files.
  • Only in VITAKOST Enterprise (please call us for further information)
  • Pay online, via EAN or per invoice and with quarterly billing.
  • Set up multiple users in your organisation and manage them through your own account, which will gain administrator rights.
  • Automatic sharing between users in your organisation.
  • 5,000 units storage space.