VITAKOST costs 149 DKK per month excluding VAT. Prisen er pr. bruger.

Abonnementet betales online via betalingskort. Har I brug for at kunne betale via EAN eller pr. faktura, så skal I have VITAKOST Enterprise (se herunder).

The subscription is renewed on the first of every month, and there is no binding agreement or period of notice for cancellation. You can put your subscription on hold or cancel it entirely, right up to five minutes before the change of the month, so you can come and go from month to month as it suits you.

What is included?

The price includes all the functions listed on this site (see the complete list here).

All updates to the food product database and software are included and are added automatically without any extra costs.

Our customer service is also included in the price, which you can contact by telephone daily between 10.00 am and 2.00 pm and all weekdays via email.

You can store up to 1,000 units (diet plans, recipes, and meal bricks) in the system. If you require more room you can upgrade with our add-on Additional Storage.

VITAKOST Enterprise

VITAKOST Enterprise koster 289 DKK pr. måned excl. moms. Prisen er pr. bruger.

Abonnementet løber pr. kvartal og der er ingen yderligere binding eller opsigelsesfrist. Abonnementet kan betales via EAN, faktura eller betalingskort.

VITAKOST Enterprise giver, udover de funktioner som allerede er i VITAKOST, mulighed for at have en fler-bruger organisation med en dedikeret administrator, samt automatisk deling af data mellem organisationens brugere. Lagerpladsen er udvidet til 5.000 enheder pr. bruger.

For more information on VITAKOST Enterprise please call us on +45 70 273 276 or send us an email.