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Do you make diet plans?

Then you know that it is a lot of work. You have to create and put together meals, incorporate those meals into a daily plan, and finally calculate whether the whole diet plan meets your targets.

...and then it should look good!

This is where VITAKOST can help. This program makes it easy and efficient to devise precise and professional diet plans.

You can quickly generate new diet plans using meal bricks, with access to Denmark's largest database of almost all food products available on the Danish market.

VITAKOST covers all common nutritional values, such as minerals, vitamins and fatty acids, as well as the more specialised (see the complete list).


Our customers say

Stine Junge Albrechtsen

"I use VITAKOST for diet plans and energy calculations for the recipes in my books. I also use it for energy calculations for healthy meals for companies."

Stine Junge Albrechtsen Licensed clinical dietician Guided by Stine
Tahi Wilson

"As a personal trainer, I use VITAKOST for diet calculations. I make my own recipes and can easily integrate them in the diet plans I provide."

Tahi Wilson Personal trainer Tahi Wilson Personal Training
Vejle Municipality

"Flexibility in diet plans is important to us. We particularly use the meal bricks, and the facility to use our own recipes directly in diet plans."

Julie Borg Jensen Clinical dietician Vejle Municipality, Aged Care Department
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"VITAKOST is an important tool for diet tuning and planning in our work with world class and elite athletes."

Majke Jørgensen Sports nutrition consultant Team Danmark
Malene Iskov

"I can build diet plans exactly how I want them to be, and I really like the alternative meals and the option to choose whether they should count towards the total diet plan."

Malene Iskov Licensed clinical dietician Diætist Iskov
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Be creative

Elegant recipes

You also receive all our recipe designs included in VITAKOST, which you can use to maintain your own complete recipe collection.

We have made it easy to produce recipes which comply with all the requirements for precise nutritional declarations, but at the same time have an attractive layout.

Complete nutritional calculations

The same level of detail as with the diet plans, together with nutritional calculations for every single element of your recipe (e.g. pita bread, filling, and dressing).

The same layout in print as on screen

When you print out the recipe it looks exactly as it does on screen. No more hassle with skewed printouts.

Your own picture and tip

You can upload your own picture of a recipe and offer tips, which are shown as a note under the ingredients.

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